Is Your Ex A Covert Narcissist? Note: that is component 1 of one’s 2-part show on stealth narcissism.

Is Your Ex A Covert Narcissist? Note: that is component 1 of one’s 2-part show on stealth narcissism.

Discover part 2 right here: tips connect When You’re Divorcing a Covert Narcissist.

Could you be sense manipulated by the delicate, low-functioning ex? can you usually feeling off-balance, curious everything you performed to disappointed their former spouse – who always appears to be offended by something? Particularly you?

You might be surprised to discover that this fragile, introverted individual may perform ways he/she really does since they have problems with grandiosity. Even though they find as insecure and prone, stealth Narcissists (CNs) have the same feeling of entitlement as Overt Narcissists (ONs); it is exactly that their particular blend of narcissism “looks” different.

Wanting to know when your ex fits the balance? Review these 7 traditional signs and symptoms of a covert narcissist to find out.

Superiority. Both ONs and CNs develop a false sense of supremacy to mask their vulnerability and feelings of inadequacy. While ONs act like divas and VIPs, CNs express their arrogance in more subtle ways. They’re judgmental and self-righteous. They often communicate through body language instead of words. They may transmit their disdain by avoiding eye contact, glaring at you, sighing dramatically, playing the martyr, or quietly dismissing you when you don’t share their point-of-view, which is, of course, always right.

Chaotic affairs. The introverted CN may well not seem like a drama king, but his / her “wounded bird” self-concept fuels chaos and conflict. Their CN ex may suffer so threatened by the commitment along with your teenagers they create parenting times drop-offs about all of them, burden the family with their ideas, or heal your like you’re incompetent or dangerous since you don’t communicate their particular parenting design.

Empathy-challenged. CNs have trouble understanding the effects of the conduct on other individuals. Should you inform them they injured your feelings or triggered your problem, they play the prey. The discussion is on how your harmed her ideas (by pointing around whatever did to harm yours) and exactly how you borrowed all of them an apology! Being required to come out of by themselves and accept they harmed someone they look after, or looked after at once, challenges their particular belief of on their own. How can they getting special but also create bad options? So that their particular delicate pride in tact, they have to track out some other people’s opinions and emotions.

Passive-aggressive. Covert Narcissists don’t tell you how they sense. They accept make a move they don’t wish to accomplish – because saying no makes them uncomfortable — after that don’t follow-through. When you face them, they don’t get accountability. They look befuddled by your frustration, and operate persecuted whenever you determine they you’re annoyed.

Ultra-sensitive. CNs hand out view and critique, but they can’t go on it. They appear mortally injured by the majority of miniscule individual slight. They might respond with self-righteousness or withdraw totally to be able to nurse her wounds.

Terminally unique. “No one comprehends me” is the motto on the covert narcissist. Look into their particular background, and you’ll see a victim story. They don’t create problems; other people betray them or collude against them or simply just don’t appreciate all they’ve done. They lack accountability and self-agency simply because they think the whole world owes all of them.

Self-absorption. CNs will withdraw from anyone and circumstances that don’t right tackle her appeal. That wallflower at celebration may well not sometimes be bashful; the person just can’t feel annoyed to activate with individuals who’re different, or exactly who won’t instantly rearrange the conversation to focus on them. CNs are incredibly taken by their very own mind that there surely is virtually no headspace to allow them to pay attention to your own website.

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